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Our Portfolio of Clients

Here, you can take a gander at Solas Web Design’s most recent web projects.

If you visit these sites, you will see what the customer sees: smooth, professional pages that are easy to navigate and packed with products and information. What you won’t see is all of the behind-the-scenes work that has gone into making these websites the success that they are. We have very happy clients and look eagerly forward to assisting your company in realizing its full Internet potential.

Indigo Tea Company

Website: http://www.indigo-tea.com
Indigo Tea Company offers the finest in black teas, green teas, oolong teas, flavored teas, and tisanes. They also have a beautiful variety of Chinese tea pots and Japanese tea pots suitable for the most elegant and intimate hospitality, as well as English tea pots for perfectly cozy four o’clock festivities.

They search the world for tea accessories of the highest quality, confident that their efforts will enhance their valued customers’ pleasure in that majestic beverage – tea.

“In less than three weeks, Solas re-designed our old website into a vibrant and lively site capable of fast download times and efficiently optimized for search engines. My wife and I are so pleased with the way Solas updated and improved the image of our company, while retaining our original vision. Throughout the re-design process, we received daily emails showing our pages as they evolved, keeping me informed and giving me peace of mind.”
– Neal Grasdalen, Owner, Indigo Tea Co.

Website: http://www.thebigfisherman.com
In the lodging service industry, nothing is quite so important as the feeling a website conveys to the web visitor about the type of experience they can expect to have at the place they are considering staying. The Big Fisherman, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is run by a father-daughter team who pride themselves on the family-friendly atmosphere and bright, clean lodgings their guests so enjoy. Our endeavor with the development of this site was to capture the relaxed, beachfront style of this lovely motel.

The owners have really gone the extra mile with this website in terms of providing additional information about the activities and events their guests can enjoy on Cape Cod. Keeping our aims clear and simple has resulted in a site that truly welcomes potential guests.

“We love our new site and know that our customers will enjoy it’s design and easy navigation. It’s been a wonderful experience working with Solas. I’d recommend them to everyone!!! (and I do!)”
– Dawn Perry, Proprietor, The Big Fisherman Motel

Lavender Bee Farm

Website: http://www.lavenderbeefarm.com
This beautiful farm in Petaluma, California offers award-winning gourmet honey and fresh and dried lavender products. Lavender Bee Farm welcomes visitors for guided tours and they ship their products across the U.S. After establishing themselves as a local favorite in the farming community, the folks at Lavender Bee Farm knew that e-commerce was the next step for their family business. Solas Web Design was proud to create their welcoming Internet presence.

“A professional, highly detailed, trustworthy and imaginative company! Solas Web Design guided our company through the complete process of web site design, Internet sales and how to make our customers satisfied with our company’s information and products. We have been received very well and have confidence with Solas Web Design to provide our company with new ideas and to stay ahead of the competition.”
– Rick and JoAnn Wallenstein, Owners, Lavender Bee Farm

California HIFU

Website: http://www.californiahifu.com
California HIFU offers a specialized prostate cancer therapy – HIFU, utilizing Sonoblate 500 technology. Dr. Michael J. Lazar came to Solas Web Design for the development of a website that would offer his potential patients lots of important information about their prostate cancer treatment options, be extremely easy to navigate, and would honor SEO best practices. Now, California HIFU can be confident that their work is being represented in a truly professional manner with strong emphasis on maximum usability for humans and search engine friendliness.

It’s such a pleasure to assist professionals like Dr. Lazar in their goals of letting the public know about the vital services they provide.

The Faith Gardener

Website: http://www.thefaithgardener.com
Client Christy Olson is an experienced faith formation curriculum writer with an impressive ecumenical educational background. By taking her materials online and offering them in a downloadable format, she will be able to share her skills and talents with a wider audience. Visitors to this simple, informative website can instantly download her curriculum or contact Christy Olson to hire her for teaching, training and speaking engagements. Christy wanted a bright, appealing website, complete with ecommerce function for her digital products and a blog to showcase her writing. This small project was a pleasure for Solas Web Design from start to finish!

“I started out just wanted to sell simple faith formation curriculum to families. As a technically challenged writer, I needed good help. Solas Web Design was recommended to me by someone who also sells curriculum online. Solas was patient, knowledgeable and cared deeply that about my website. My learning curve was huge, but the results were out of this world! I love my website. It is cheerful, professional and clear.”
– Christy Olson, The Faith Gardener

Fishers Laser Carvers

Website: http://www.fisherslasercarvers.com
Are you looking for a custom-engraved award, wood sign, wood plaque, presentation piece or handmade wood gift? Get in touch with George Beck of Fishers Laser Carvers and make the most of the opportunity of having a skilled woodworker work for you! Our work with George Beck included website design, professional copy editing and Local Search Marketing. We share our client’s pride in the wonderful end results of this terrific project!

“Working with Solas Web Design was a sublime experience. I am so delighted with the web home we have created together. It is one thing to find design expertise, it is quite another to find understanding. Miriam and Liam combine their considerable knowledge and design skills with the sensibility of artists. The level of personal and professional communication was not only a pleasure, I found it inspirational.

My work and my business is better for having had the opportunity to work with these wonderful people. I never had the feeling throughout this long experience that I was working with a design firm, I felt I was working with friends and family. This level of intuitive customer service combined with state of the art work is rare and precious. I feel fortunate to have found them.”
– George Beck, Owner, Fishers Laser Carvers


SoftBuyers, Inc.

Website: http://www.softbuyers.com
SoftBuyers, Inc. wants your used software and hardware. Don’t throw that stuff away! It still has value to Patrick Sutton and his amazing firm. They can send a rep right to your door to appraise, pack, and ship your old IT assets. They do all of the work for you.

Patrick Sutton came to us for SEO work and copywriting. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him, and we think his business offers an amazing service to the public.