Giving Thanks For 2009 At The SEOigloo

produce from our local farm

2009 has been rich in blessings for us here at Solas Web Design, and while this post has little to do with Local Search, Website Design or Copywriting, I want to take a moment to give my thanks for such good fortune and thought readers might like to see where our hearts have been for the past year.

great website design clientsThe year isn’t over yet, but we’ve been especially fortunate in 2009 in getting to work with wonderful new clients, the majority of whom have fallen within our favored areas of specialization by having a local, made in the USA or green business focus. We’ve gotten to listen to their stories and help translate these stories onto the web. We’ve gotten to pool energies with them, dream and create with them and watch them begin to work towards success. Simultaneously, we’ve gotten to continue to serve the clients who have been with us now for years. The good laughs and moments of accomplishment we’ve shared with these important folks have been many! It’s hard to overstate the happiness we feel, working every day in a positive environment that is peopled with clients who become friends after months and years of enjoyable collaboration. We feel very lucky.

breaking new ground
Meanwhile, we’ve spent this past year working on a different kind of fortunate harvest – a bounty of homegrown, organic food for our family’s table. When we say we’re into ‘Local’, it encompasses more that Google’s 7 Pack or user reviews on Yelp. To us, Local is a way of doing business, eating and living. We strongly support the local eating movement, and the most local dinner you can possibly eat is the one that comes from your own land. Like a small business owner making his very first foray onto the web, we started 2008 with a blank canvas – uncultivated ground.

Over the past year, we’ve tried our hands at more than 30 different food crops and are really starting to get a handle on what does well in our ecosystem, what will need more help to grow and what doesn’t seem to be suitable for our environment. Like the new web business owner, we’ve got to try everything and test everything to see what works best and can provide us with dependable and balanced overall sustenance. Digging and sowing, giving water and singing, harvesting, dining, canning and pickling. There is such a natural process and schedule there to be lived by, once you start to live it. Being located in Northern California means we can grow food year round, and as the year turns, we find ourselves going back into the cycle where we began it, planting for the new season with the seed we have saved from last winter’s crops. The rhythm and steps are good for our balance, our peacefulness and creativity. Doing this for ourselves means approaching the work we do for others with more vigor, more gladness and more spirit.

bringing in the harvest
My family has long had a tradition of letting each person at the Thanksgiving dinner table speak a few words about the things for which they’ve been most grateful during the preceding year. This November, I’m giving thanks for my own two hands – hands that can pull creamy new potatoes out of sandy earth – like magic – and hands that can write, design and work for the clients I come to value more with each passing year. It’s a gift to have tools like these to put at the service of loved ones and business partners and I am truly grateful for this.

Please let me wish you and your family a truly Happy Thanksgiving! May your holiday be convivial, memorable and blessed with abundance.

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  1. on 03 Dec 2009 at 1:06 pm Jan Riley

    I enjoy your blog quite a bit, but wanted to tell you I am most drawn to the images form your garden. They are so delicious! I am an avid gardener, but ironically in my older Atlanta neighborhood, I don’t have enough sun to grow much food stuff, I have to resign myself to a few blueberries ( which I LOVE) , asparagus, and a tomato or two – which barely fruit due to lack of full sun.
    I can grow herbs and many flowers, lots of plants grow here almost year round so I do love the garden, but naturally I dream of luscious greens, banks of heirloom tomatoes and munching on fresh peas & salad greens.
    best of luck with your local gardening and local SEO
    thanks for your wonderful blog too
    Jan Riley

  2. on 04 Dec 2009 at 2:32 pm admin

    Greetings, Jan!
    I’m glad you enjoyed my farm images! Everything is so beautiful when you grow food, you just have to take pictures. That glowing purple skin of the onion, those textured greens and jade green peas. Yummy to look at and to eat!

    It’s wonderful that you can grow asparagus. That is a real accomplishment…and blueberries, too! Even if you can only grow a few things, you know that what you grow is better than anything you can buy. The taste just can’t compare!

    Thanks so much for the nice compliments on the blog. I really appreciated your pleasant note.

  3. on 12 Dec 2009 at 6:16 pm Earlpearl

    Belated Happy thanksgiving, Miriam. OTOH let me wish you an early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    That year round ability to grow food sounds great. So happy you are taking advantage of that. Good luck with your continued efforts.

    BTW: I loved looking at your diversified list of clients, Miriam. Congrats on all that work and creating beautiful websites.

    Look forward to continued interactions. Best to Liam.


  4. on 13 Dec 2009 at 1:53 pm admin

    What a nice note, Dave, and may your holidays be lovely ones! I count you among the wise on the web, Dave, and value our acquaintance very much.


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