No Punctuation In Localeze And No Field Definitions In Bing Local

We just launched a website redesign for our valued client Frank R. Bailey III, Attorney At Law. As with all our Local-focused clients, step two is always getting their Local Search Marketing going by creating and claiming their profiles in our choice of indexes. I find that this process never fails to turn up a few interesting or new issues or oddities, and I’d like to share these with you as I have no doubt you’ll encounter some of them with your next Local client.

No Punctuation Allowed When Creating Your Localeze Account

As you can see, our client’s business name contains three types of punctuation (. , and III). Localeze’s signup process begins with creating an account which you then verify in order to create the listing. The first field in the signup form is Business Name, but when I entered my client’s DBA, my signup was rejected for punctuation. I guess I’ve just never happened to have a client before with a punctuated business name, so I sent a note to Localeze and received this prompt and helpful response:

While the business name field in the sign-up form does not allow punctuation marks, this is only used to create your username for you to gain access to our system. Once you have successfully created your username, you will be able to sign in and update your business listing in our database. The business name field in the actual listing form accepts up to 100 characters and punctuation marks.

So, bottom line – no punctuation when you create the account, but you can then use it once you are setting up the actual profile. I thought that was interesting. It might be nice if Localeze would enable punctuation in all places – not sure why they wouldn’t already do this – or else they will have to continue to answer emails from clients like mine, Pope Pius VI, Louis XVI and The Karate Kid II.

No Field Definitions in Bing Local
I have to wonder if this is a Firefox/Bing interface issue, but look at this weird screenshot of Bing’s profile form without any explanation of what is supposed to go in the first several fields:

What was really odd is that as soon as I made a wild guess at what was supposed to go there and began typing data into the blank fields, the definitions began to appear. Creepy!

Has anybody else encountered this blip using Firefox or another browser? Somehow, I doubt I should be using Google Chrome…this is Microsoft’s product after all.

InfoUSA isn’t InfoUSA anymore
Well, they sorta are. As Maps Wizard Mike Blumenthal kindly explained to me, InfoUSA’s new forward facing product in Local is called Express Update. When my bookmarked link redirected to the new product, I said, “Whoa, what the heck is this?” And then I figured one of my colleagues had probably blogged about the change whenever it took place and that I just missed it.

MapQuest Local Seems Pretty Cool
I happened to be doing my Local SEM for this client the day MapQuest’s new local business center went live and thought I’d just give it a whirl. The process was straightforward and the verification is via email. When I’m doing manual local listings, I tend to find those that verify by email easier to work with than those that require phone verification. Either way, the client has to be involved in that final step, either by forwarding me the verification email or giving me the phone pin, but at least with the email route, time is flexible – the client doesn’t have to be sitting by the phone at some specific moment. No big deal, but it’s something I’ve concluded over several years of doing this.

You know what my favorite step in the Local SEM process is? Taking a Google Place Page to 100% complete. I always feel cheery about that. What do you feel happiest about when you’re whiling away the hours profiling your clients? I’d like to hear.

5 Responses to “No Punctuation In Localeze And No Field Definitions In Bing Local”

  1. on 28 Jun 2011 at 2:48 pm Yam Regev

    GREAT POST!! & really showing what us Locals are encountering with some of those directories.

    Re the Bing/ FF issue: i saw that as well. With chrome it’s much better.

    About Localeze- Don’t forget to claim your listing in Facebook in couple of weeks as it will appear there as well (Localeze & Facebook are collaborating on this one).

    MapQuest: actually i never created a list over there.. they are pulling info from City Search (City Grid) & i see City Search as a ‘MUST’ to advertise with so..

    can tell you that when I’m seeing the 100% complete in Google Places, that’s where I’m starting to worry. No way it’ll ever be (really) 100% complete. I’m digging more & more & finding new stuff to add, tweak, change, play with etc..

    I can say that only when I’m seeing the listing piling up some citations, then I’m starting to smile, as everything is coming together (from the Local perspective).
    Of course I’m REALLY happy when i can see this listing in the holy 7 pack.

  2. on 28 Jun 2011 at 3:45 pm admin

    Greetings, Yam!
    It’s a pleasure to hear from you, and I recognize your name from your insightful comments over at Mike’s blog.

    The MapQuest thing is new. Check it out. I think they are trying to present themselves with greater clarity and friendliness to small business owners. I found the process quite easy. Along the lines of Best of the Web.

    Thanks for mentioning the Facebook reminder. Good thinking!

    By 100%, I mean the Google’s statement of 100% in the dashboard. You’re right – nothing is ever really 100%, but I like the metric as a little note that you’re moving forward, you know?

    Yes…love to see those 7 Pack listings arise. That is truly a cause for celebration.

    I really enjoyed receiving your comment and thank you for reading my article!

  3. on 29 Jun 2011 at 4:21 am Abby

    Nice staff!
    I agree with Yam about Localeze coming into Facebook however I still have questions about the whole process in Localeze; I found it very strange that once you create (& verify over the phone) your own account, you are able to search & edit any listing. I was able to find all my client’s listings however I do noticed that there is no other business verification needed, which means your competitors might try to edit your listings as well. I’m not sure how useful is editing your listings that way.

    Regarding MapQuest- their new interface is very nice. I created there a listing, verified it & started filling it up with other info & photos. For some reason they had a bug & my photos are still not showing. However they have a real support team (!)who answered me within 3 days & are working to solve my problem so that is even nicer! :-)

  4. on 29 Jun 2011 at 9:48 pm admin

    Welcome, Abby,

    Isn’t that wonderful that MapQuest supports their product? It’s a breath of fresh air when so much of one’s work is focused on Google.

    Now, this situation you’re describing with Localeze…I have not heard of this before. That seems like something you might like to take up with their staff. They do respond to support emails. I like the folks who work there and I bet they’d like to hear your concerns.

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

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