February 2007

Social Bookmarking through the eyes of a novice.

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!

There are 3 quick things I want to preface this article with.

1) I am a complete novice to the web 2.0 social bookmarking/tagging/media/marketing world. This article is written through the eyes of a complete newcomer.

2) My intention in writing this is not to put down the services in question, but rather to state my novice impressions upon trying to understand the hype about social media.

3) Again, I am a novice. As such, I would genuinely appreciate feedback on this that explains why you, the reader, might like any of the following services. Continue Reading »

E-commerce 2.0 – So much more than just putting up products!

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!

My husband and I have a special affinity for small business e-commerce websites. As our portfolio shows, the majority of projects we’ve worked on to date have been for small sales-oriented companies, whether they make their own products, or retail products they are getting from a wholesaler. The goal for most of these folks is to get their inventory on-line in a way that gets good rankings, gets traffic and gets sales. One of our duties as their developers and their webmasters is to educate them about the fact that accomplishing these goals is going to involve quite a bit more than just listing products on a site and providing a checkout.

How much more?

Enter E-commerce 2.0; the new, exciting approach to the web that involves offering not only a place for customers to buy things, but also to learn about your subject, to talk with you, and to talk with one another about your subject. Continue Reading »

Rand McCarley is AWESOME!

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
Do you see what we see? The little social bookmarks at the bottom of this post? In fact, at the bottom of all the posts?

Thanks to Rand McCarley of 14th Colony, WE’VE GOT BOOKMARKS! Rand has generously mentored us about this nifty plugin which we got here, and which will allow you, the faithful reader, to bookmark any article you read here that you’d like to hang onto or share with your friends.

We’re so excited about this, we could cry. Continue Reading »

Is Google Personalizing My Results When I’m Logged Out? Hmmm?

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
Today, Gord Hotchkiss posted about his recent interview with Ms. Mayer of Google over at Search Engine Land. If you haven’t yet read up on Google’s new personalized search strategies, Danny Sullivan’s definitive post on the subject will teach you all about exactly what personalized search is and how it will affect you, the Google user. May I also suggest reading my recent post about industry experts’ reactions to Google’s new personalized search policies? These resources will get you current on what’s going on with this, and make the rest of what I’m about to write here make good sense to you, I hope. Continue Reading »

New Small Business Column for YOU on Search Engine Land!

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!

Search Engine Land has become one of my favorite places on the Internet. I visit it on pretty much all 5 business days of the week because, frankly, the authority of the authors cannot be beat. The men who run this recently-launched blog are some of the world’s most respected authorities on SEO and Internet Marketing, and it’s pretty much a given that if they say a topic is worth paying attention to, it is.

However, my one difficulty with most of the blogs I read, including Search Engine Land, is that much of the excellent advice being given there simply doesn’t apply to my daily work with small web business owners. I read voraciously, and am always trying to glean usable advice from the writing of the recognized experts in my industry, but when so much of this advice seems to focus on Big Names protecting their Big Brands, managing their reputations, launching viral marketing campaigns that include video media, radio ads, etc…well, I picture myself telling this to a beekeeper in Iowa whose budget for promoting his company this year is about $5000.00, and I get a good chuckle out of it.

And, thus, I was thrilled to discover that Search Engine Land has just instituted a new column on their site specifically for small businesses! Continue Reading »

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