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Website Design Services

Optimized design. One-on-one service.

From day one to the launch of your website and beyond, you will be working directly with Solas Web Design's founders. We will build you an optimized, usable, beautiful website that makes business happen while also building a powerful, lasting working relationship with you. We believe:

Powerful Design Is Optimized Design. Every website built by Solas Web Design is SEO-based. We integrate your important keywords into your website in a natural, well-planned way.

Powerful Design Is Usable Design. We ensure that your website's human visitors are given the easiest, most enjoyable ride. We are master architects when it comes to creating the usable structure of your website.

Powerful Design Is Persuasive Design. We present the authentic story and key benefits of your business or organization, instilling trust in your website's visitors and calling them to your most important actions.

Powerful Design Is Beautiful Design. The first 3 elements are key. Add clean, beautiful, custom website design to these and you've got a winning combination that really works for your business.

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Website Design For National Businesses And Organizations

Whether you need a professional website for your corporate headquarters or an informational site about your non-profit organization or special interest group, we will devote ourselves to understanding the core story behind the great work you do and presenting that story to the world. Over the past decade, Solas Web Design has worked on exceptional projects ranging from website design for educational institutions, to professional referral services, to medical entities and even a modern day exploration of the Arctic!

Need website design for a local-focused business? See our Local Business Website Design section.

Our full menu of services means you can go from start to finish working with just one firm. Choose exactly the elements you need and let Solas Web Design custom develop your persuasive, effective, professional space on the web. We offer:

  • Custom Website Design
  • One-On-One Consultation With Solas Web Design's Founders
  • Keyword Research and Basic SEO 'Baked In' To The Design
  • Professional, Optimized Copywriting
  • Donation Acceptance Functionality
  • Logo Design
  • Blog Development
  • On-Going Webmastering Services

Phone: (707) 981-7943


There are thousands of web design companies out there that can design a website for you. If you go with a mega design company, you will be communicating with a sales staff, a large pool of designer employees and an answering service. If you choose Solas Web Design, your project will be cared for from day one to site launch by the founders. We develop long-term business relationships with our clients. We will know exactly who you are and what your business or organization does when you phone us. We have clients who have been with us for 10 years and who say that making us part of their team was the best business decision they ever made. Contact us - tell us about what you want the web to do for you. We're here to listen and make it happen!


E-Commerce Website Design

Whether you are starting out vending just a few products and need a simple, economical selling solution like PayPal or you are ready to take a large inventory onto the web and require a full-service, professional shopping cart, we can take your business from day one of planning, to site launch and beyond! Why go to multiple vendors when Solas Web Design can do it all for you here? Choose exactly the services you need from our one-stop-shop menu of custom e-commerce website design features:

  • Custom Website Design
  • One-On-One Consultation With Solas Web Design's Founders
  • PayPal Shopping
  • Professional Shopping Cart
  • Keyword Research and Basic SEO 'Baked In' To The Design
  • Professional, Optimized Copywriting for your product and informational pages
  • Logo Design
  • Blog Development
  • On-Going Webmastering Services

Phone: (707) 981-7943


No templates. No being treated like a number by an answering service. Solas Web Design's founders will work directly with you throughout the entire process of developing your beautiful, optimized, functional website.



Need website design for a local-focused business? See our Local Business Website Design section.


Definition Of A Successful Website

A website is a tool. If professionally designed, it can become the most important asset your company owns. These are the chief qualities of a successful website:
  • It achieves your company's goals. These goals might include showcasing your professionalism, winning leads, phone calls, signups, donations or e-commerce sales. A successful website calls your users to the actions you want them to make. Without this, your website just isn't working for you.
  • It conveys the benefits of doing business with you. Nearly all visitors to your site will be arriving with the question, "What's in it for me?" A successful website lays out with utter clarity the benefits visitors can expect from choosing to do business with you, whether they are buying a product or hiring you for a professional consultation. A thoughtfully-designed website answers your users' questions and meets their needs.
  • It earns trust. In the first few seconds, your website must convey a totally trustworthy impression to the user. And then, it must continue to covey trustworthiness pixel by pixel, page by page. A successful website persuades users that they will be safe doing business with you.
  • It is as simple as possible for people to use. Using the site must be absolutely intuitive for your users. A successful website enables your visitors to do everything they want to without confusion or hassle.
  • It is search engine friendly. In order to shoot for high search engine rankings, your website must be fully crawlable by search engine bots. This means avoiding the pitfalls of overuse of Flash, text couched in images or forms of coding that make it hard for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines to understand the contents of your pages. Don't be sold on flashy design techniques - insist on a website that is utterly crawlable and functional.
  • It makes you look good. Your website's visual look and content must be up-to-date to convey the lively, vibrant nature of your business. A successful website presents your business as smart, competitive and current.

Need to see more of our work? Please view our complete portfolio.

Definition Of A Worthy Web Designer

In your search for a website design company worthy of your trust, be certain that the designer you choose meets these critera:

  • Exceptional listening skills and a manner of communicating that feels comfortable and right to you. You should be working one-on-one with a designer who knows who you are, what your business does, who your customers are, what they need and how to convey all of this in a style and voice that is truly representative of your company's personality and culture.
  • Professional knowledge of basic search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. Any worthy website designer will be fully conversant with Google's webmaster guidelines and will insist on structuring your website around the keyword phrases that are important to you and your visitors. Every page of your website represents a chance to rank well in the search engines for unique sets of keywords and a qualified website designer will have the search engine optimization skills to build a natural yet fully-optimized website for your business. Even the nicest-looking site in the world is next-to-useless without SEO, and any worthy web designer will make sure that your website is making sense to both your human visitors and the search engines.
  • Strong understanding of Human Usability. A qualified website design company will not only skillfully comprehend and present your information and utilize SEO best practices, but they will also structure all information in such a way that it offers maximum ease-of-use for your human visitors. You are the owner of your business' website, but you are building it for your users. Ensuring that critical elements such as menus, forms, links, content and calls to action are as clear and simple to use as possible is what a worthy designer will accomplish for you.
  • A beautiful, sensitive sense of visual design. Whether you already have a totally clear picture of what you want your website to look like or you haven't the least idea, a skilled web designer will help you to develop a color palette, logo, graphics and overall layout that are totally appropriate to your subject, industry and audience. Everything from font size to the color of your links must be treated with exceptional thought and care by your designer if the end product is to be a success.
  • A portfolio of successful, happy clients. If you're serious about your business, don't make the mistake of trusting your Internet presence to any web design company that can't show you past work or can't offer to let you speak to their other clients. Looking at a design firm's portfolio is the very best way to understand the kind of work they can do for your business.
  • A responsive, respectful attitude. We've lost count of the clients who have come to us after disappointments with flaky, absentee designers. For your sanity and your website's success, choose a designer who replies promptly to your needs and who truly understands the responsibilities they are taking on by becoming a critical part of your business while they are working with you. This is a position of honor and importance and the designer must be ready to be in consistent contact with you throughout the design process and to deliver their work on schedule. Your business deserves no less.

Let Solas Web Design build your ideal website and a lasting, meaningful relationship with your business. Contact us today!