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Complex subjects deserve thoughtful, thorough treatment. If your business is striving to distinguish itself amongst competitors, establishing yourself as a top industry authority can be achieved by moving beyond selling to teaching. You've got your basic informational pages, product and service description pages and simple, newsy blog posts under control; you are ready to grow beyond this by becoming a resource for in-depth information about your topic that sets you apart from less motivated peers.

Your end goal is two-fold: to gratify your users' needs for additional education and to aim for an increased web presence with multiple, high ranking pages on an ever-widening array of related subjects. Google, the search engine with the largest market share, has historically valued lengthy pages over brief ones. Articles and essays that take the time to give full coverage to sought-after issues are your tools for evolving beyond the sales pitch towards true, meaningful engagement.

Be honest with yourself if your available time or writing skills are not up to the task. Clients hire me to write for them because I am eager to commit to the research and creative process involved in developing pieces that make a genuine impression on readers. Whether your subject is fluffy and fun or serious and scholarly, my experience writing for an amazingly diverse bevy of clients will be at your service when I write for you.

Clients tell me my talent lies in being able to swiftly grasp the critical nuances of complicated topics and present them in an inclusive, user-friendly voice. Whether I am given a free hand to choose my subjects or handed a list or specific points that need to be made, my job as your professional copywriter is to present your company as the intelligent authority in your field. But you shouldn't have to take my word for it! Instead, take a gander at right at these live samples of my in-depth articles and essays to get the clearest idea of what I can do for you.

Articles and Essays:

Your Investment

I try to keep this part as simple as possible for my clients. My rate for research, editing and copywriting is $100/hr. Rates may be adjusted for large projects.

Why Hire Me

The web is swamped with penny copy written by anonymous pools of offshore copywriters whose only task is to stuff awkward pages full of a certain number of keywords. Your business deserves better than this if the impression you want to make is a truly professional one. My clients want their web copy to read as beautifully and convincingly as the content found between the covers of respected magazines, journals and books. If you take your business seriously, so will I as I work to understand the core of your company's value, mission and goals. With your committed quest for success on the web and my utterly personal approach to writing exceptional copy, we should make a winning team.

Developing A Relationship With A Professional Copywriter
Your company may decide to use my articles and essays as permanent main pages on your website, or as special in-depth posts on your blog. In addition to writing my company's own blog, I am a contributing author at one of my industry's top marketing publications, Search Engine Guide. I have been engaged as a guest writer by other pro bloggers and run several of my own hobby blogs on topics of personal interest. My articles have been honored with repeat nominations in the SEMMYs juried copywriting awards. In addition to this, I engage in short and long-term copywriting contracts for clients who require a specific number of articles or essays on a monthly basis. How this relationship works is up to you, the client. Here are the scenarios in which I most commonly work:

  • You dictate the topics and keywords. I write the copy.
  • I learn about your business and market. I research your keywords and suggest and write the copy.
  • I email you articles and essays at an agreed-upon frequency and you publish them.
  • In some cases, you may prefer to give me access to your website or blog and have me publish the copy at an agreed-upon frequency.

Every business is different. You might have no idea what your company should be writing about, or you may have an in-house SEO who is dictating specific topics that should be covered. I am happy to customize my services to meet your specific needs. In addition to creating a contract which specifies how copy topics will be determined, we can come up with a plan for how frequently you would like to receive articles and essays from me. You may only need a single piece of copywriting for a special topic or you may require new articles on a monthly basis. Your budget and my availability will enable us to discuss and create a winning arrangement!

Contact Me Today To Discuss Your Copywriting Needs

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Additional Comments:

Areas of Special Interest

All pieces require an initial research phase so that I can become thoroughly acquainted with your subject and write about it with confidence. However, some businesses may wish to take advantage of my existing specialties; areas in which I have already acquired significant knowledge due to personal passions or work experience. I have written successfully for all kinds of businesses - everything from software liquidators to soapmakers - but there are certain subjects to which I bring a distinctive level of enthusiasm. If your business falls under one of the following categories, seeing this list may enable you to decide between my copywriting services and those of another writer who doesn't have such a special feeling for these topics.

Existent Specialties:

Green Living
I was deeply committed to the green movement long before it had such a catchy name. I offer expertise in green lifestyles, the local food movement, organic farming, ecological and ethical diets, homesteading, and self-sufficiency. I am a dedicated from-scratch cook, design and sew my own clothing and grow much of my own food. My hands-on experience as a woman who has sought to live in the simplest, healthiest possible manner truly shines through when I write about this genre of issues.

Nature Writing
I'm an avid birder and nature enthusiast. My birding articles and award-winning illustrations have enjoyed both online and offline publication. I am invested in environmental stewardship and the protection of wildlife. My sincere concern for the total health of our Earth and admiration for the unique wonders of the natural world are evident in my writing on these types of topics.

Literature and History
My voracious appetite for learning has made the local library like a second home for me. I revel in scholarly works on world history, anthropology, archaeology and related sciences and have put special effort into comprehending the long history of North and South America. I am fascinated by what differentiates and unifies world cultures and truly enjoy writing on such subjects. I am also one of those funny people who has developed a rich personal tradition of re-reading a select set of favorite books on an annual basis; both fiction and non-fiction. My favorite authors include J.R.R. Tolkien, James Thurber, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Charles C. Mann, Lucy Maude Montgomery and Jean Stratton Porter. I learned to read when I was four years old and have been an observant student of the arts of prose ever since.

Ethics and Spiritual Subjects
Unlike many professional copywriters who shy away from projects that encompass ethical behavior, world religions, and spirituality, I embrace the opportunity to foster respectful dialogue on these important topics. I strongly believe that tensions and hatreds stem from ignorance and that education is the antidote to the majority of the human race's worst problems. I have a special interest in Native American lifeways and a personal background in liberal Christianity, and I support all historic belief systems that encourage a reverent pursuit of knowledge and brotherly love.

In addition to working in the past as a foreign language instructor, I am a devoted student of philology and etymology. My knowledge of the history or words, their impacts and meanings comes into play every time I write, even if I'm only crafting a simple blog post. To me, languages are puzzles to be solved, doors to be unlocked with the right keys. Over the years, I've spent time with a number of fascinating languages including Old Norse, Irish-Gaelic, Sindarin, Old English, Biblical Greek, Russian, Italian, Latin, Spanish, German and French. Writing in my native English for you, I draw from a profound understanding of the written and spoken word. This enables me to identify the authentic voice of your business and the style and tone that will be most comfortable and appropriate for your readership.

American Arts and Manufacture
If your business revolves around artisan handcrafts or Made-in-the-USA products, I will excel at writing for you. I am a strong proponent of the domestic manufacture of important staples which were once produced in our country but have since become almost solely imported. Did you know that their are no looms in the United States anymore that are wide enough to weave bedsheets? A country that has been reduced to a state of having no bedclothes is in trouble! If your company's mission is to keep domestic manufacture alive, whether you are producing pots and pans, luxury candles or handcrafted furnishings, I truly understand the importance of what you are doing. I also bring firsthand experience to the business of selling fine artisan goods. Before founding Solas Web Design, I worked for many years as a successful artist and illustrator and have a deep appreciation of the value of human-made products.

Small Business
At Solas Web Design, we believe that small businesses are the backbone of American commerce that keeps business diverse and fair. We are not fans of big box store homogeneity and the majority of businesses we've worked with have been small ones. As a supporter of great small businesses, I am skilled at determining the unique value each one offers to the public on a local or national level. My words help consumers root for you, the little guy!


If anything on my list of existent specialties relates to your company's area of expertise, I will bring a unique sensibility and skillset to my work for you. I'm always up for new challenges, too, and give equal consideration to all types of businesses! Please, fill out my simple contact form and expect a prompt reply, or give me a call today at (707) 981-7943.

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Disclaimer: Solas Web Design is a family-friendly firm. We provide professional copywriting services for family-friendly businesses only.


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